The Lagos Mathematics Olympiad Contest for Undergraduate Scholarships is the entry point for full access to our undergraduate scholarship and mentorship opportunities.

Each year, high school seniors participate in the contest, and we select the top 30 to 40 students whom we sign into our academic label and become responsible for their education. These students will be sponsored for undergraduate studies at leading federal universities in Nigeria, in specific quantitative fields. Participants must be SS2/SS3 students and mathematically sharp.

Through the program, we identify talented students who show early promise, and we sponsor them for undergraduate studies in Mathematics and later for graduate studies in specific fields, such as Economics, Finance, or related areas. Therefore, only students who aspire to study quantitative courses are welcome. We will give special consideration to students who plan to study Mathematics at the undergraduate level.

The contest brings together some of the brightest young minds from Nigeria’s secondary schools and provides a platform for them to showcase problem-solving skills and creative mathematical abilities. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge themselves and gain valuable experience in a fun and intellectually stimulating environment. This competition fosters a spirit of healthy competition and provides opportunities for students to get scholarships to cover the cost of undergraduate studies in Nigeria and graduate education abroad.

Ideal participants in the competition are academically talented low-income students from disadvantaged neighborhoods and public secondary schools in Nigeria. Students meeting this profile will be given preference above and beyond others.

For more information, or if you have questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email;

Summary of Requirements to Participate in the Contest

    1. Eligibility:

    • Open to Senior High School students (SS2/SS3). Senior high school students (SS2/SS3) who are highly achieving in Mathematics.

    • Nominated by your school to participate in the contest.

    • Participants must have a keen interest in studying mathematical science courses, including but not limited to Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Finance, and Physics.

    • Must have parents willing to sign you into our academic label and agree to our terms of having an equity stake in your current and future success.

    1. Scholarship Coverage:

    • The scholarship covers tuition to a federal university in Nigeria, a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, and support to pursue doctoral studies in the future in our fields of focus if you do well in your undergraduate studies

    • Full sponsorship for undergraduate studies at leading federal universities in Nigeria.

    • Mentorship opportunities and support for subsequent graduate studies in fields like Economics, Finance, Mathematical Science, or related areas

    • Full fledge one-on-one mentorship before and during your undergraduate studies and subsequently during your graduate studies

    1. Ideal Students:

    • SS2/SS3 with an expected minimum of no more than 5 Credits (or below) in WAEC and a minimum score of 245 in JAMB. Our most ideal students are those with many A1’s and more than 270 in JAMB. We prioritize academically talented, low-income students, especially those from disadvantaged neighborhoods and public secondary schools. Our commitment to diversity encourages participation from girls pursuing interests in mathematical sciences.

    1. Contact Information:

    • Yomi Ademola

Email: ;,

Sequence of Events

Get Nominated by your School —-> Apply Online —–> Participate in the Contest ——> Attend Interviews —–>We Interview Your Parents/Guardians —–> Receive Offers —-> Sign Offers (You and Your Parents) à Become a Scholarship Recipient and Receive Full Academic Mentorship

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