Information for Prospective Graduate Students

If you have visited this website, you are likely trying to learn more about our Certificate Program in Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics, and to decide whether the program provides a platform to help you reach your academic goals. Our training program is only suitable for students who are fully convinced that they want to pursue graduate studies in economics, finance and other related fields that emphasize quantitative rigor, such as financial mathematics, quantitative marketing, quantitative social science etc. If you have not made up your mind, or you are still at an experimentation phase, then this program is not for you.
For those who are certain that they want to pursue graduate studies, we offer training courses that would prepare you rigorously for graduate school. Our focus is to train and equip low-income students with the skills to excel at graduate school and beyond. Because of the vision of our program, we provide generous financial support for selected qualified students to attend the program. Our program has a student-centered approach, providing tailored graduate-level courses and research training. Please note that our program is intensive and geared towards the most committed students with excellent academic records and potential for success in graduate studies. We are dedicated to equipping low-income students with the skills necessary to excel in graduate school and beyond. Thank you for considering our program.

Admission Details

To be admitted to our Certificate Program in Economic Theory, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, students must have:

  1. At least one of the following: HND, BSc, PGD and MSc in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, engineering, physics, actuarial science, or other courses with significant quantitative components. Penultimate or final year students who are still at the university are encouraged to apply, provided they possess the background to do well in the courses
  2. Some background in mathematics/statistics at the level of calculus, algebra, and inferential statistics. Previous experience in proof-based mathematics is helpful but not required since you will learn that in this program
  3. A commitment to begin and complete the program and, importantly, a desire to support other students financially and otherwise in the foreseeable future, to help them reach their academic goals. This is mandatory. Individuals who do not wish to support other people’s academic goals should not apply
  4. A detailed CV, transcript, cover letter explaining why you want to follow the program, and at least one letter of recommendation from a credible academic vouching for your abilities

The program begins in January of every year and lasts until April of the following year. Final deadline for application is always July 31. Places are limited and competition is keen, so apply with complete documents early!

We offer training courses in carefully selected areas of economics and finance and foundational courses in mathematics and statistics (see course information for details on the phases of the program). We also provide research supervision in a broad range of fields, thanks to the expertise of our volunteer faculty members. Our courses and research supervision are made possible by instructors and researchers who have global teaching experience and have published research in leading journals,including Econometrica, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Finance, and Annals of Applied Probability, among others.

Our program aims to equip students with advanced skills to excel in doctoral studies and develop proficiency in reading and understanding research papers with significant mathematical content. It is important to note that our training is focused on preparing students for graduate school and is not a university degree program or a replacement for one. To earn the certificate, students must complete all components of the program, including graduate-level core courses and supervised research. Completion of our courses with excellent grades will ensure that students are equipped with the necessary skills to gain admission to the most competitive graduate programs and pursue their academic goals. As a concrete proof of the success of the certificate program, our students have, in recent times, received offers from such universities as University of Oxford, Stanford University Predoc, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, Northwestern University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, University of Michigan, Rice University, University of Virginia, University of Memphis, Georgia State University, University of Missouri, University of Concordia, Southern Methodist University, among many others.

We provide a platform for talented hardworking students to grow and reach their full potential. We do not just send students to top schools; we prepare them to succeed there. We hope that you find answers to all your questions.

For questions not addressed on this page, please contact admissions, We will be delighted to answer your questions.

Yours in BAUM Tenpers





Adaeze Lisa Wigwe, Ph.D. 

Director of Admissions and Senior Program Registrar