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BAUM Tenpers Research Institute is an independent research and training organization whose three major objectives are to

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research that uncovers new economic insights for knowledge advancement and optimal policy decision making,
  • Organize capacity building programs for individuals looking to acquire the necessary skills to successfully embark on a PhD in economics, finance, statistics, applied mathematics, and related disciplines, and
  • Offer academic scholarships to outstanding low-income students.

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Our activities

Collaborative Research and Partnerships

We partner with individuals, academic institutions, and policy institutes, and collaborate with researchers worldwide to engage in theoretical and empirical research that answers important questions and unlocks insights for tackling the problems of poverty and capital markets underdevelopment that are inimical to economic advancement in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Access to Research Training

Baum Tenpers provides a bridge for outstanding students to access cutting edge research training in economics, finance, mathematics, and statistics through our background enhancement and capacity development programs. By identifying specific areas of deficiency, we actively develop the capacity of African students to prepare them to successfully embark on graduate studies and thrive in academic and policy research.

Capacity Development for Graduate Studies

We offer a certificate program in mathematics for prospective economics PhD students who are keen to improve their mathematics skills. To complete the certificate program, students take courses in real analysis, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, dynamic optimization, mathematical statistics, measure-theoretic probability, topology, functional analysis, and convex optimization.

Research Assistantship, Predoctoral Research Training and Mentorship Program

Through our research mentorship program, we provide opportunities for outstanding students and recent graduates to work as supervised RAs. The mentorship program helps students to gain research experience and to improve their research skills in preparation for graduate school. This program can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and gives students a chance to work on real research projects.

Graduate School Application Support

For students who prove themselves by excelling in our certificate training and research mentorship program, we support them to cover the (often prohibitive) costs of applying to graduate school and taking standardized tests. These costs average around $2,000 per student, which is substantial and normally unattainable for low-income students.

Provision of Scholarships to Outstanding Low-Income Students

We collaborate with partners across Africa for a ‘search and discover program’. In this program, we set out to identify outstanding low-income students. We equip them with learning tools and provide them scholarships to support their education and academic development. Scholarships are offered to undergraduate students through a competitive selection process.

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Franklin Maduko
Applied Microeconomics
Komla Agudze
Financial Markets
Tolulope Fadina
Financial Mathematics
Sevgi Coskun
Amma Panin
Behavioral Economics
Daniel Ahelegbey
Bayesian Econometrics
Olubunmi Fadipe J.
Functional Analysis
Nacasius Ujah
Corporate Finance
Mary Akinyemi
Financial Mathematics
Laila El Ghandour
Financial Mathematics
Kevwe Pela
Development Economics
Herman Demez-Jouata
Microeconomic Theory
Godwin Okeke
Functional Analysis
Dilyara Salakhova
Sustainable Finance
Oyakhilome Ibhagui
Global Financial Markets
Lorenzo Bastianello
Microeconomic Theory
Djeneba Doumbia
Development Economics
Peter Addo
Data Science
Ayokunle Osuntuyi
Financial Econometrics
Lalaina Rakotonindrainy
Microeconomics Theory
Kagba Kousse
Asset Pricing
Oluwakemi Adewumi
Abhishek Ranjan
Microeconomic Theory
Emmanuel Fianu
Mathematical Economics
Scarlet Chen
Zhang Zhang
Financial Mathematics

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