To begin application, send us an email and tell us the kind of degree you are interested in, i.e. Master’s or PhD, the course you want to study and the country where you would like to study. Contact us through any of the email addresses: or


Our robust services ensure that all aspects of admission processes are well packaged to give our students the edge they need to be highly competitive among others.


we will guide you to select the appropriate schools based on your Bachelor’s or Master’s result. We will also ensure that you are within the bound of universities that can possibly say yes to your application.


we shall summarize the task of your research, and make it clear what your proposed research tends to study by asking and answering relevant questions that form the foundation of your research.


We will select the right supervisors for your academic work, by ensuring they are the best fit for the kind of research work you aim to embark on. They must be authorities in your chosen field of study.


In case you do not have a suitable CV, we will prepare a very catchy one for you with all the relevant information that you would supply us.


We shall contact the supervisors through thought provoking letters, stating your background and telling them what you aim to study and what made you chose them for supervision.


We shall guide you to organize your thoughts and prepare a sound research proposal. Supporting you with relevant materials, and thereafter fine tune the final version of the draft.

Statement of Purpose

We can prepare a statement of purpose for you, giving striking convictions while you should be chosen above your peers for the program. This is strictly tailored to your uniqueness.

Interview guide

We can guide you on how you could prepare and give the best answers during your interview with the proposing universities.